Lectures in Foreign languages

In the academic year 2018/2019 the following lectures will be offered in a foreign language


(30 hours, exam, 4 ECTS each):

I semester

H2.8.2.1 dr hab. Jakub Basista, Reformation in England

H2.8.2.2 dr hab. Tomasz Pudłocki, The Great Departure - Central Europeans and the New World in 19th and 20th centuries: politics, culture and everyday life

H2.8.2.3 dr Vitaliy NagirnyyВосточная Европа в средние века (X – XIII)

II semester

H2.8.2.4 prof. dr hab. Andrzej NowakRussian Geopolitics and Culture:  from Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin

H2.8.2.5 dr Rafał Szmytka,  History of the Low Countries. From the Burgundian Times to the Golden Age 

H2.8.2.6 dr Kamil Ruszała, Selected problems from the history of Poland in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.



In the academic year 2018/2019 the following lectures within the offer of Studies in Central and Eastern Europe: Histories, Cultures and Societies will be offered for Erasmus+ students:


I semester

4.7A dr hab. Tomasz PudłockiReligions in Central Eastern Europe – Historical and Anthropological Perspectives (30 hrs, 4 ECTS)

4.8A dr hab. Tomasz Pudłocki, Totalitarian Ideologies and 20th Century Political Systems (30 hrs, 4  ECTS)

II semester

3.5A Prof. Sean MartinAn Overview of the History of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia in the 20th century (30 hrs, 3 ECTS)




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