20 VI 2018r. Dr Yaron Jean wygłosi wykład pt. The Year that Ended the War: 1968 and the Long Shadow of the Second World War

The Center for Polish Studies, Daemen College Amherst, NY, USA

Instytut Historii Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego

Studies in Central and Eastern Europe: Histories, Cultures and Societies UJ


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The Year that Ended the War: 1968 and the Long Shadow of the Second World War


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Dr Yaron Jean

(Sapir College, Negev, Izrael)


20 czerwca 2018 r. (środa), godz. 17:00

Zakład Historii Kultury i Eduakcji Historycznej UJ

sala 101 (dawna 10)


Prowadzenie: dr hab. Tomasz Pudłocki



50 years after there is no doubt that 1968 became a pivotal way station for understanding our present world. It ignited a global and spontaneous combustion of rebellious spirits which ran from Poland, France, and Germany up to the United States, Mexico and Israel. The spirits of turning against the dominant order seems to be part of any revolution in history, but it was 1968 which successfully brought together the idea of civil rights movement, the rejection of the legacy of former generations and the effective use of mass media technologies. In the seminar we will examine the transnational context of the student protests of 1968 through the focus on its major events and its generation conflicts. We will thematically explore the path to 1968 and the role of the Cold War in setting the stage for the outbreak of the protests in Europe. In addition, we will survey the role of individuals in the sequence of events such as the instance of Jewish intellectuals in the various student movements. In the seminar we will familiarize ourselves with the transnational course of the year of 1968 and will get to know one of the most significant events of the Cold War era.

Data opublikowania: 08.06.2018
Osoba publikująca: Tomasz Tekieli

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